Thursday, December 6, 2018

Announcing the Different Spokes 2019 Kit

For 2019, Augusto has designed our kit. We will open the online store in January 2019. The store will be open for 3 weeks. After the store closes, you will receive your kit 2 weeks later. Just like last year, our vendor is Jakroo. We will be offering you a choice of 3 different jersey styles plus regular shorts or bib shorts.

Click on a picture below for a larger view.

We will be receiving a few samples of the NOVA and MISSION jerseys. A number of our members already own the TOUR jersey. Jakroo offers guaranteed fit, which is highly recommended. Just call Jakroo or chat with them on their website. Give them your weight and measurements then they will recommend a size. If it doesn't fit, you just pay return shipping and they will make you another one in a different size.

The TOUR short-sleeve jersey is the same jersey we used in 2018. "With a European twist to the classic jersey, the TOUR features longer sleeves and a folded band cuff. It is built with upgraded soft and comfortable performance fabrics and offered in all three fit styles (Slim, Standard and Relaxed) for a personally tailored fit. If you love to ride, you’ll love the TOUR Jersey."

To satisfy a few requests for a more competitive warm weather jersey, we will be offering the form-fitting lightweight NOVA short sleeve jersey. "The NOVA Jersey will be your companion on your hardest rides, keeping you cool and aerodynamic. The NOVA features a form-fitting cut that slices through the wind, and lightweight Italian fabrics that wick away sweat. JAKROO recommends the NOVA Jersey to professional and elite teams."

Some women prefer to have more of a triathlon tank top, so to satisfy their request, we've got the MISSION Women's Zip Tank. "The women’s specific MISSION sleeveless zip tank was designed committed athletes looking for a competitive advantage during racing and training. Features include a 10 inch front zip for superior airflow on warmer days, a rear gripper to keep the hem from creeping up, and a rear nutrition pocket with 2-sided access to keep race day fuel within reach. The addition of DWR treatments to key panels ensure a quick-drying top that won’t sag when wet and prevents overheating."

We will also offer your choice of the VELO Pro shorts or the VELO Pro bib shorts.

"The perfect combination of comfort and performance, the VELO Pro Shorts feel great with upgraded Italian fabrics and pro level chamois. Choose the VELO for classic lines."

"The perfect combination of comfort and performance, the VELO Pro Bib Shorts feel great with upgraded Italian fabrics and pro level chamois. Choose the VELO for classic lines."

"Complete your kit with these long lasting and great looking bib shorts."


  1. Awesome design Augusto! Great job! One question, when they say Velo Pro shorts are classic and Peloton shorts are more modern and curved, what does that actually mean?

  2. I'm sorry. I'm going to edit the text. I copied it directly from Jakroo's website. I was in a hurry and did not realize that they were comparing the VELO shorts to the PELOTON shorts. Our club will only be using the VELO SHORTS and VELO BIBS design. But, you can go to and look at the different shorts under the "cycling" tab to make comparisons.