Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Different Spokes guidelines with respect to COVID-19

Please wear a helmet when on the bike. Please wear a face covering when off the bike. Practice "social distancing" during rides by not following too close to each other.

You should be able to practice social distancing at our meeting venues. Different Spokes rides do not generally meet at restaurants or coffee shops. They meet at public parks where there is free parking, restrooms and a water fountain available.

Face coverings should be worn while you are off of your bike, but while you are on your bike, particularly if you are pedaling hard, you may lower your face covering so that you can breathe freely.

Los Angeles has the following guidelines.

Face Coverings: When in public or after being in public, Angelenos should wear a face covering when exiting your home and when interacting with others.

Physical Distancing: Keep 6ft between you and other residents.

Hand washing: Scrub your hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds after touching frequently-used items, such as door handles, gas pumps, shopping carts or cashier touchscreens and PIN pads.

Salutations & Greetings: Adopt non-contact salutations, such as waving.

High-touch Surfaces: Routinely clean high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, phones, and car steering wheels, using soap and water, followed by a disinfectant

Travel: Avoid non-essential personal and leisure travel

Communal Food & Drink: Do not share or eat communal food and drink at any gatherings

Please download this PDF from USA Cycling for Group Ride Recommendations.

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