Calendar & Calendar Tips

Do you see a blank box? The Calendar stopped working on Safari and Firefox. Use Chrome! Sorry about that.

Here are some tips to maximize your use of the new Different Spokes Calendar.

If you want really convenient access to the Different Spokes calendar, you should subscribe to the calendar from your Google account:

• First, use your computer --
1) Log into your Google account.

2) Go to

3) Click on "Add a friend's calendar"

4) Enter

5) Once the calendar is added you can go into Settings and change its Name to "Different Spokes"

This will add our club's calendar to your Google Calendar. You'll then be able to search our calendar for events such as "Laguna".

• Second, use your smartphone --

1) Install the Google Calendar app on your phone if you don't have it on your phone already.

Now you'll have our club's calendar at your fingertips all the time. You'll also then be able to display our route slips in your cell phone by just tapping on the pdf attachment on each event.

If you have a Macintosh, you can add our calendar to your Mac's calendar app. In the File menu, select New Calendar Subscription and paste in the link below. (If you set Location = iCloud then the calendar will also be available on your iPhone and iPad devices.)

You can also visit the Different Spokes website and click on Calendar, which is located on the right side of the page.