Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Training for the Cookie Ride

Pete Demirai has requested a series of really hard Santa Monica Mountain rides to prepare for Phil’s Cookie Fondo, which is on October 14, so we're going to have a series of rides on Saturdays to train. The first one will be this Saturday, August 19. Other club members going on the Cookie Ride are Christian Shopinski, Brian Osterwalder, Fernando Domingo and Bryan Blumberg.

Training for the Cookie Ride
Saturday, August 19 - Fernwood - Cold Canyon - Agoura - 47 miles and 5,000 feet
Látigo to PCH & Piuma to Stunt 52 miles & 6,000 feet
Up Deer Creek and Down Látigo Canyon 45 miles & 5070 feet
Las Flores – Mulholland – Decker 48 miles & 5,250 feet
Up Encinal - Down Mulholland - Up Yerba Buena - Down Deer Creek 45 miles & 5,800 feet

Friday, August 11, 2017

Pos Peds Co-hosted Rides

Different Spokes member Salvatore Ianniello recently became Ride Coordinator for the Los Angeles Chapter of Positive Pedalers.  He is going to be setting up one AIDS/LifeCycle training ride per month on Saturdays from August 2017 through May 2017.

He has asked that the rides be co-hosted by Different Spokes.  So, look forward to the addition of Saturday rides being added to our calendar.

Of course any of our club members who are Certified Training Ride Leaders will be welcome to volunteer to co-facilitate these rides.

Thanks Sal!