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Club Officers (click on our faces to see us larger)

President and Ride Coordinator

Bryan J Blumberg

Treasurer and Membership Chair

D Thom Bissett


Andrew Craddock

AIDS/LifeCycle Team Captains

Mario Rivera

Augusto José Ferriols IV

Mark Ostensen

Different Spokes was founded in 1983 to promote cycling activities among members and friends of the gay and lesbian communities in Southern California. We offer a wide variety of road bike rides, ranging from easy to advanced, throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Every weekend, Different Spokes has one or two rides going on somewhere in Southern California.

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Different Spokes is a cycling CLUB. We are a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Membership dues are NOT tax deductible. Dues pay for our website, our annual corporate filing, liability insurance for our members and other club operating expenses. We are NOT an AIDS/LifeCycle TEAM, but some of our members do form a Different Spokes team on ALC each year or they join other teams. If you love your ALC team, there is no need to quit your team if you want to join our club.

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